Tungsten ground Rod

Tungsten ground Rod

 All of our tungsten and Molybdenum products are forged in high 

The single  weight may be to 100 kilograms.
With excellent machinability, Luoyang Tuojing Refractory Metal 
Co.,Ltd. can forgen tungsten and molybdenum(tzm, mo-la) in 
bars, rods and blocks. These material can be used for making 
support bars and heating elements in vaccum furnace, glass 
melting electrodes, resistance welding electrodes, tubes, 
crucibles etc.
Luoyang Tuojing Refractory Metal Co.,Ltd can supply Tungsten  
ground Rod with size:
Diameter mm Length mm
Ø2.0 - 20.0 ?2000
Ø20.0 - 30.0 ?1500
Ø30.0 - 70.0 ?1000
Ø70.0 - 90.0 ?800
Main Element Content≥99.98
Other element content≤
Fe0.001    Al0.0001     Bi0.0001    Si0.001
Ca0.001   Ni0.00035    Mo0.0008    O0.0047
P0.001   N0.002 Mg0.0001    Pb0.0001
Sn0.0001   Sb0.0001     C0.00085    As0.0001

Product Origin: China
Model Number: Mo-1
Brand Name:  

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